Welcome to Stevenson Astrosat

We're a multi-award winning space services and technology company based in Scotland.


Our aim is to deliver commercial and/or bespoke services to our clients through our proven and unique analytical, technical and business development skill sets.

Stevenson Astrosat is leading the new charge in commercial astronautics by offering not only new end user focused products based off of existing capabilities but actively working with partners to push forward new and viable technologies for the commercial sector.


Our name comes from Stevenson Astro Science And Technology which reflects our approach to utilise modern technologies and scientific payload data to build a leading commercial astronautics company. This approach has led us to develop products for sectors as diverse as urban municipal governments to the low-carbon industry.


Whilst we started in the Earth Observation sector Astrosat has grown to include a satellite communications and also a hardware division each striving to provide the highest quality of service and innovation to their end users (specific division information coming to the website soon).


Our scientists and engineers work with all the major space agencies and satellites in active service. Not only that, but we are also developing our technology towards with the next generation of space based data segments launching soon to ensure that our modelling and solutions are cutting edge.


We deliver technology and services to our clients from our years of experience and expertise in space technologies. We enable you to make the best business-critical decisions and track your vital assets globally, whether it be modelling the environmental impacts of your deployments, modelling and visualising your critical networks or simply just finding up to date hi-resolution imagery for your needs.


We'll bring high altitude thinking to your business.                      

Why your business needs us?

Consultation and Professional Services

Our consultants are directly involved in design, deployment and management of space driven data models for your business, thus guaranteeing the quality of the project from start to finish and ensuring that you can make your cirtical decisions with the best data and intelligence avaliable.
Our Approach?

Space driven "value add" and innovative Solutions

High altitude thinking is something we do everyday. That requires constant innovation which we bring that to you through our tailored data segment solutions and services. Our expert team have the experience to help you define project requirements from the very beginning, then source the optimum space driven data sources and integrate that data seamlessly into your business work-flow.

Our Services


Comprehensive Partnership Portfolio

We work with many ground and space segments to ensure that our data and imagry is as close to real time as the orbits permit. We use multiple payloads from each of our partner's platforms to match exactly the modelling and tracking solutions you need.

Our Partners

Unearthly Activities

We keep up with space innovation and technology and constantly invest in the future of commercial astronautics. To share that knowledge and keep you up to speed on our work we have a news section

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